Friday, 11 September 2009

Marc Garlasco

OK, so anyone who recognises the name probably already knows the fuss being made about this guy. (For those who don't - he works for Human Rights Watch and has written many reports about Israel and has just been found to have a hobby for collecting Nazi memorabilia).

I don't really have much to add. Obviously collecting Nazi stuff doesn't make you a Nazi and I won't pretend to know what he's thinking. But having someone who does have such a connection to the Nazis sit in (self-appointed) judgement over Jews is a little unsettling to say the least. HRW are stuck in the unfortunate position of probably wanting to not have this guy in that position but not now being able to remove him without seeming to recognise that his position is compromised and thereby compromising all the reports he has worked on in the past for them.

But there's something that has recently turned up that is more compromising to his position in this regard. Someone has dug up a quote he gave to 60 minutes and put it on his wikipedia page. This was added less than 24 hours ago so probably hasn't done the rounds yet. Here is what he has to say:
I don't think people really appreciate the gymnastics that the U.S. military goes through in order to make sure that they're not killing civilians," Garlasco points out.

"If so much care is being taken why are so many civilians getting killed?" Pelley asks.

"Because the Taliban are violating international law,” says Garlasco, “and because the U.S. just doesn't have enough troops on the ground. You have the Taliban shielding in people's homes. And you have this small number of troops on the ground. And sometimes the only thing they can do is drop bombs.”
You hardly need me to point out that the Taliban aren't the only people violating international law and using human shields. Does it undermine his complaining about Israel's attacks on Hamas that he has made this comment about the Taliban? I'll let you judge that for yourselves.

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