Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Truly Caught in the Middle

I posted today about the attempts by Islamists such as MPACUK to link the far-right group EDL to Zionists (read Jews). I mentioned that the tactics of both groups leaves Jews and Israeli supporters trapped in the middle. A comment on the MPACUK website reminds me that Jews are not just caught in between the far-right and the Islamists but is also a target of both.

On the article entitled, "Boycott success as Norway snubs Israel" someone has posted a list of companies to be boycotted under the heading "Yahud businesses that help fund Israel". I'm not suggesting that MPACUK is responsible for this or is guilty by association. What I'm saying is simply that we see an Islamist using this list.

The list seems to have first been posted on Stormfront here in 2003. In 2006 it appears on what looks like a Muslim forum in The Netherlands. It is posted on this facebook page in January this year (with a direct link to the Stormfront page) advising readers that boycotting Jews is the best way to help Palestinians. Next a full copy and paste is posted on scribd by a user from Malaysia on the 9th September and now it appears (for the moment at least as I suspect MPACUK will remove it) on MPACUK's website.

Let there be no doubt, both Islamists and Neo-Nazis hate the Jews. We truly are caught in the middle.

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